Spa Body Treatments
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Spa Body Treatments

  • Salt Glow (30 mins R330)
This luxurious fruit infused exfoliating body treatment improves the skins texture leaving it smooth and looking radiant.

Body Wraps

  • HumanKind Nourishing Body Wrap (60 min R570)
This Baobab, Marula & Shea Butter body wrap heals, moisturises and nourishes leaving the skin soft and supple..
  • Thalgo Marine Algae Detox Body Wrap (60 min R1100)
This ''Thalassotherapy" body wrap helps achieve a fit body and general revitalisation. The body is prepared for a slimming treatment or ready to face everyday stress.
  • HumanKind Slimming Body Wrap (60 mins R580)

This body wrap contains ginger root extract giving a natural warming effect on the skin, stimulating lymph drainage and helps with body contouring. A combination of ginger and arnica extracts help to increase micro-circulation and detoxify the skin