Massage Therapy
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  • Camelot Universal Signature Massage (60 mins R710)
A combination of Hot Stone, Kahuna, Balinese and Indian Head massage techniques for those who want to experience various types of massage. This massage incorporates the use of our unique massage candle, where the fragrance and softness of your skin lingers in your mind long after you have left the spa.
  • Dual Massage (60 mins R1000)
The Dual Massage is done by two therapists and is used  to restore balance and harmony within the body; treating both on a physical and emotional level. Oils are applied using stroking movements to relax the body and mind. Then a short session in hot steam allows the iols to penetrate.
  • Thai Massage (90 mins R900)
An authentic healing art that involves stretching, mobilisations and deep massage. The combination of energetic and physical aspects is what makes Thai massage unique and effective. Please wear a T-Shirt and tracksuit pants for comfort.
  • Swedish Body Massage (60 mins R620)
Provides a sense of well being, eases tense muscles and induces relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy Massage (60 mins R680)
Aromatherapy combines the use of pure natural essential oils with healing therapeutic stokes.
  • Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins R680)
A deep pressure massage to relieve tension and detoxify.
  • Hot Stone Massage (60 mins R680)
This re-energising stone therapy massage creates a cleansing, harmonizing and relaxing effect on the body.
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 

- 30 mins R370
- 45 mins R510
- 60 mins R620

This massage helps relieve the tension in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back.
  • Indian Head Massage (30 mins R370)
A detoxifying massage treatment of the head, scalp, face, neck and shoulders. This is a deeply relaxing massage combined with stimulating techniques, bringing about many beneficial results.
  • Pressure Point Foot Massage

- 30 mins R370
- 45 mins R510

Relax and balance the body through stimulation of pressure points situated on the feet.
  • Pregnancy Massage (60 mins R650)

Standard Swedish Body Massage made comfortable for the mom-to-be so there in no pressure on the belly.

  • Enhance your massage with the following additions:
- Upgrade your massage with an extra 30mins:  R270
- Add Hot Stones to your massage: R90
- Add a Back Scrub: R90

  • Spa Taster ( 60 mins R680)

-30 mins Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

-30 mins Thalgo Radiance Facial

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